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You're an equestrian facility

You’d like to make your equestrian structure profitable, at lower cost and effortlessly?

Equivisio widens the possibilities!

Thanks to the EQUIVISIO videocamera installed on-site in your (indoor or outdoor) arena, your facility becomes a state-of-the-art training center! Every rider (regardless of his/her discipline, budget or level) can take a lesson with any coach registered on EQUIVISIO, no matter where he/she is located (worldwide).

At the time of the lesson, the rider just has to wear the Equivisio headset and to get on the horse in the arena. The lesson automatically starts and the chosen coach teaches behind his/her computer at home.

As a hosting facility, you just have to fill in the on-line calendar of the availabilities.

This system targets all the types of equestrian facilities:

Horse boarding stables :

  • If you don’t have any on-site coach or if your coach cannot offer all the activities performed by your riders/horse owners
  • To provide your customers with a value-added service and allow them to train themselves with remote coaches
  • To attract new customers
  • To make your arena profitable by hosting external riders who trailer-in to use the system (the ring fee is directly paid to you by Equivisio).

Equestrian centres :

  • To make your arena profitable outside of riding school hours by hosting external riders who come to use the system (the ring fee is directly paid to you by Equivisio).
  • To allow your own instructor to train himself/herself without leaving the facility

Private stables :

  • To get the best possible coaching by staying at home

Whatever your profile, you can decide if you wish to open your facility to external riders or not. 

Discover the equipped facilities next to your place.

You’d like to try EQUIVISIO and to explore options (without engagement) to install the system at your facility? In order to better meet your needs, we invite you to fill in the « Installation request » form.
  • Simple to install
  • Limited upfront investment
  • Innovative service
  • Quick return on investment
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