Equivisio Worldwide

Thanks to Léa Sitbon based in Israel for her trust. Equivisio has been based in Israel since March 2019, which allows Léa to take 2 to 3 lessons per week with her coaches based in France or Belgium. Léa talks about Equiviso on the radio, and explains what the system brings her on a daily basis. Interview

Like Léa, you are abroad, do not hesitate to contact us for information and to be able to work easily and with quality with the coach of your choice.

Equivisio’s Launch
Equivisio has just taken off. After 2 years of testing to find the most suitable equipment and technical analyses, we are happy to announce that the solution is ready. The result is exactly what we imagined when we had the idea of offering equestrian training to everyone, regardless of the coach chosen. Our desire was to give all riders the same chance, the same opportunity to succeed in competitions. You are a rider and wish to use Equivisio to progress, do not hesitate to register via the


One of our strengths lies in the service around the EQUIVISIO system, you are accompanied in the reception of the system, its handling and your uses, etc. As well as your coach if he is not familiar with with computers.

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