You're a Trainer

Do you want to coach easily and without constraints?

Equivisio is intended to all qualified coach(regardless of your level, discipline or rates) who wish to provide quality coaching to regular or occasional students. The system is available in France and abroad.

Your students are too far away? Are you unavailable?
Tired of spending your days on the road?
Do you lead internships and would like to offer follow-up sessions between 2 internships? Would you like to expand your customer base?

Equivisio is the solution!
This remote and live equestrian training system allows you to coach via a simple computer connected to the Internet. Thanks to the high definition quality of the Equivisio camera (installed in the quarry / carousel used by your student -
You can coach tens/hundreds/thousands of kilometers away, as if you were there with your feet in the sand!
You can thus give lessons to your usual students who are too far from home (or when you are away from your stables), but also to new customers who will discover your services on the Equivisio site.

How to use Equivisio?

1. Register for freeon the site. You are free to set your hourly rate and the
equestrian level of the riders you want to coach.
2. Tell your students about the system and let them know you've registered
3. Learn to use the software (very simple) with the support of the Equivisio team
4. Indicate your availability on the online schedule
5. Receive your lesson reservations by email


Connect to your "Coach space" from a computer connected to the Internet. The lesson starts automatically at the scheduled time. You view your student, you can zoom in/out and move the camera around the quarry. You exchange live with your student.


The payment for your sessions is made according to your options with each client. this can be by direct payment between you, or the customer makes a secure payment on the EQUIVISIO site which pays you at the end of the month.

« Thanks to Isabelle and Didier for providing us with Equivisio, an easy-to-use system that allows for much more regular remote training. This brings our students greater efficiency in the work of the horses and a real asset to better prepare for the competition. »

Ludovic Henri
Olympic rider for France at Rio 2016

« I discovered the Equivisio system through coaching because living in the south of France and my coach in Belgium, travel was difficult. With this system, I can benefit from the advice of my coach while staying at home. At the same time, I started to develop the business of Lusitano horses, and often the black point was the displacement of customers. It is often difficult for customers to move, especially since it also generated a financial cost for them, without having the certainty if the purchase was going to be finalized.

With this system, I can, first of all, present the horses to the customers and chat with them directly. This saves time and money for both parties. Also, I can already develop a relationship of trust with potential customers since everything happens live and therefore there are no surprises for them.

In fact, we have already had customers who have bought horses solely on the basis of an Equivisio presentation! This system is revolutionary, both for coaching and for trading horses. I couldn't do without it! »

Marie Alice Dumont
Horsewoman and horse trade

“Having had an accident, I entrusted one of my horses to Anne-Louise, to allow her to participate in the Junior dressage events. She very quickly adapted to her great paces and her emotionality. It was of course necessary that I follow her in her work.
I was able to coach her during a few international competitions, which contributed to the great performances she achieved. On the other hand, I couldn't free myself to help him during the Master Pro in Vierzon, in July. Already selected to participate in the European Junior Championships, this Vierzon event was the last in France, and Anne-Louise wanted to be as efficient as possible there, to leave confident for the European Championships. My absence cost her...

Thanks to the services of Equivisio, and to Isabelle Meranger, it was possible to work the day before the events, but also on each trigger.
Reassured and confident , Anne-Louise performed 3 magnificent performances, rewarded with a beautiful silver medal.
The Equivisio system makes it possible to keep in touch with the students, to accompany them when the coach cannot be present. And the performances are there! »

Odile Van Doorn
Horsewoman and horse trade


One of our strengths lies in the service around the EQUIVISIO system, you are accompanied in the reception of the system, its handling and your uses, etc. As well as your coach if he is not familiar with with computers.

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