Horse's Trade

Equivisio is revolutionizing the horse trade!

Do you want to sell your horse quickly and reach a distant clientele (in France or abroad)?

Are you looking for a horse but interesting horses are often far away and you don't have the time or the means to travel to see all the horses you like?

Think about Equivisio!

Equivisio allows you to present a horse live!

The potential buyer and the seller set an appointment. The horse is presented in a work area equipped with the Equivisio system. The buyer gives direct instructions to the seller using the Equivisio headset and visualizes the horse from home, on his computer.

This solution allows a great reactivity in the process of buying/selling a horse and saves time (and money) for everyone.

How to do?

You are a potential buyer:

1. Agree with the seller on the day and time of the appointment as well as on the place of presentation of the horse (in a structure equipped with the Equivisio system - see equipped structures).
2. Register free on the site as "Cavalier" ;.
3. Click on "Horse Trading" from the list of Coaches, then choose a time slot and the equipped structure that will be used for the presentation of the horse.
4. Pay online (Unique price: 35 € including tax per hour) - You will receive a confirmation by e-mail.
5. The day before the appointment, you will receive your access codes by e-mail.
6. At the time of the presentation, you connect to your online space and the camera starts automatically. We just have to go! give your direct instructions to the seller / rider and to the watch the horse evolve. 

You are seller:

1. Upstream, by telephone, define an appointment with the potential buyer and choose the place of presentation (equipped with the Equivisio camera) near you. If you regularly sell horses, you can also study the possibility. install the system at home and offer it to riders / sellers in your area to make it profitable. 

2. On the day of the presentation, bring your horse to the chosen stable and equip yourself with the Equivisio headset to chat directly with the potential buyer. The presentation can be done freely. (if the work area is suitable) or mounted. The camera starts automatically for one hour. It is possible to present several horses during the one-hour session or to reserve several slots for each session. more. 


One of our strengths lies in the service around the EQUIVISIO system, you are accompanied in the reception of the system, its handling and your uses, etc. As well as your coach if he is not familiar with with computers.

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