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Horse's Trade

Equivisio is revolutionizing the sales horse business!

You'd like to quickly sell your horse and reach a distant potential buyer base (in your country or abroad)?

You are looking for a horse but potential prospects are often far away and you don't have either time or the means to travel to try all the horses you like?

Equivisio is here!

Equivisio allows to show a horse live!

The potential buyer and the seller arrange an appointment. The horse can be presented in an arena equipped with the Equivisio system. The buyer gives the instructions to the seller in real time, thanks to the Equivisio headset and watches the horse from home, on a computer.

This solution allows a great reactivity in the horse sale process and saves time (and money) to all the stakeholders.


How does it work?

You are a potentiel buyer:

1. Contact the seller to choose a time slot and the location of the horse (in an equestrian facility equipped with the Equivisio system - see the equipped stables).
2. Register for free (as a "Rider") on the website.
3. Click on "Horse sales / Commerce de chevaux" in the "Coaches" list and then select  a time slot and the equipped stable that will be used for the horse to be presented.
4. Pay online (Single tariff :  €30 per hour - including all taxes) - You will then receive an e-mail confirmation.
5. The day prior the appointment, you will receive your access codes by e-mail.
6. At the time of the presentaiton, you log into your online portal and the videocamera automatically switches on. You just have to give your instructions in real time to the seller / rider and to watch the horse perform. 

You are a seller:

1. Contact the the potential buyer to define a time slot and the location of the horse (in an equestrian facility equipped with the Equivisio system - see the equipped stables). If you regularly sell horses, you can also explore the options to install the system at home and to open its access to riders / sellers of your area to make it profitable. 

2. The D-day, bring your horse to the facility you chose and wear the Equivisio headset to interact in real time with the potential buyer. The videocamera automatically starts for one hour. It's possible to show several horses during one session or to book several slots one after the other. 

Feel free to contact us for more information!

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