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Equit’ & move est l’association d’equitation, pour la
Justine, cavalière de dressage niveau pro 2. habitant
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Jennifer Herzog

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  • Presentation : You want the best version of your horse? I will help you get a significantly better riding experience in a short amount of time, with ease and fun. Your horse will be completely satisfied. Mistakes are allowed and needed to improve! We work with marginal gains, which are crucial on a daily basis of training your horse. Jennifer Herzog has an international background in the world of dressage. Throughout the year she gives clinics all over Europe. Thanks to her numerous competitions in Austria, Germany and Spain, as well as her cooperation with several Olympic athletes, she has many years of experience. In Germany he has the LK2 performance category and, in addition, the Galope 7 (the highest Spanish performance category). She teaches at any level of training, horse breed or discipline. "My philosophy is that if something doesn't feel right, then something isn't right, even if it looks nice from the outside. It's not about the horse's head behind the vertical, it's about why it's there instead of looking for contact with the rider's hand. If the rider is having trouble sitting the trot, the solution is not to hold and squeeze the knees, it's to find the reason why he can't sit," Taught disciplines :
    • - Dressage
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